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  A beautiful lawn is important, and we at Dennis' Lawn Care understand how important your lawn is to you. We provide you with the highest level of landscaping available to bring color, texture, and beauty to your lawn. We take pride in our work and feel you will fall in love with the way your lawn will look when we are finished.

Dennis' Lawn Care LLC. provides professional and affordable property services by people who take pride in their work and your property! We are a full service property maintenance provider to commercial, industrial, and residental customers

Dennis' Lawn Care is locally owned and operated out of North Augusta, SC. We provide FREE estimates for all our jobs. Along with our free estimates, we allow our customers to create an unique package to service their needs. In the end, you only have one monthly price for all of your landscaping needs. Our goal is to form long-lasting relationships with our customers, and to always leave them happy.

Whether you need lawn and landscape maintenance on your property or are planning a new project, change or renovation to your lawn - we are here to provide any assistance you will need to achieve your goal.

Maintenance Packages

Dennis' Lawn Care  will help you design a custom maintenance package that will satisfy all of your lawn and landscape needs. You can combine multiple services and divide the cost over the entire season allowing customers to pay one low monthly bill. You can choose from the following or select one of our pre-designed packages.

All maintenance packages include Custom Cut Mowing* of the property. Choose to add one or more of the following:

Bush and Shrub pruning – performed once (spring), twice (spring and fall), or continually as needed (typically every other month)…YOUR CHOICE

Premium Turf Care Program – our six step program ensures your lawn to stay green, healthy and weed free. View information about our Turf Care Program.

Bed Maintenance – each time we service your lawn we police your landscaped beds for weeds, prune dead limbs from ornamentals, and cut root sprouts from trees.

Mulching Service – Dennis' Lawn Care will edge out and redefine your existing mulch beds, clean them out and apply a fresh coat of premium pine bark mulch. Should the bushes need trimmed, we will trim them as well or ask the home/property owner to do this before we schedule if they do not want to incur the extra expense. (Note: supplies must be paid for prior to scheduling. We only include labor costs of this service in the maintenance packages.)

Leaf Clean-Up - As a maintenance customer we can include leaf clean up as part of your package or as a seperate service. We will clean the leaves from the turf twice and clean the landscaped beds once, or clean leaves from the turf three times and clean landscaped beds twice. YOUR CHOICE.

*note: we will clean some leaves if you pay for grass collection each time we cut, however, if there is a blanket of leaves on the turf we will charge for a leaf clean up before we cut the lawn*

Custom cut mowings always include trimming, edging of walks and driveways, and blowing off any clippings left behind

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