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Here are what our customers have to say

​J Daniels N Augusta


Cut my overgrown grass; trimmed weeds all along my house and my fence; trimmed the juniper in the front and side yards;  trimmed and shaped a big tree (lower branches), a holly bush and a smaller tree; put weed killer on my lawn; cut out the undergrowth and weeds in my backyard; edged my driveway; and blew away all the clippings.

Today was the first time Dennis and crew worked on my yard.  He was going to work on it last week, but because of the rain, he ran later than planned, but he kept me informed.  That is excellent customer service.  He is very personable and knowledgeable.  We met in person last week and he told me everything he wanted to do in my yard, and why, and he followed through on that.  Some of it will be in stages, but I trust implicitly that it will be done, and done well. He and his crew are very professional and efficient.  He introduced me to his crew today, which I thought was very considerate.  I am so glad I joined Angie's List and found Dennis and company!


Mr and Mrs Bigger N Augusta

Redo yard beds & new mulch, remove leaves, clean yard, pressure wash driveway & deck.

Went well. Had to work around the weather. Hard workers. Accept suggestions & make suggestions.


Miss Young

Dennis provides excellent lawn care and if i need any extra care example(sprinkler system) Dennis has the knowledge and skills to repair anything.


Miss Bussy

My yard was an mess and my previous lawn care provider just walked off without notice. I had began to receive notices from the neighborhood association about the condition of my lawn. Dennis Lawn Care happened to be in the neighborhood and he gave me a business card. I immediately asked him his prices and he quoted a reasonable and fair price. Needless to say  this was 3 years ago and I plan to continue patronizing his business, because he is reliable and fair.

Dennis complete the lawn and once again my yard was the talk of the neighborhood in a good way this time.  The neighbors began to knock on my door to ask who cared for my yard. I speedily recommended Dennis Lawn Care. He has now obtained several surrounding neighbors and business is booming. His crew is excellent!


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